1. Top 10 Most Expensive Men’s Clothing Brands


    1. Loro Piana - $6,000+

    2. Brioni - $5,000+

    3. Yves Saint Laurent - $4,500+

    4. Gucci - $4,000+

    5. Derek Rose - $4,000+

    6. The Elder Statesman - $3,500+

    7. Neil Barret - $3,000+

    8. Lanvin - $3,000+


    9. Balmain - $2,500+

    10.Thom Browne - $2,000+

  2. allthingsjanebydesign:

We know Jane and Gray were not huge fans of India’s trend reporting and her new line, but she might have been on to something. We are seeing TONS of neon for the spring and summer seasons. Everything from clothes, to shoes, to belts and handbags is getting a neon makeover. This is a really bold trend and may not be for everyone, but India shows a great subtle way to incorporate this into our wardrobes. A skinny, neon belt is an easy and subtle way to try out this trend.
Top: Nicole MillerPants: Helmut LangShoes: Chinese Laundry
  3. allthingsjanebydesign:

Jane is all about making trends your own by adding your own unique twist, and we absolutely love that about her! She’s a true visionary and fashionista that will definitely be the center of fashion talk in every town!
Shirt: Floral Bustier by AnthropologieCardigan: Dark blue button up V-neck by ZaraShoes: White low-top Converse One-Stars
Whether you’re already a savvy fashionista or just looking for new looks and trends to incorporate into your own wardrobe, Jane By Design will definitely inspire everyone who loves and is obsessed with fashion!

  4. allthingsjanebydesign:

Belts make outfits. This week, Jane’s red belt makes a huge impact and it turns Jane’s outfit from great to GREAT! We love a belt that can take simple separates and turn them into a fashion masterpiece. If you want to make a splash with a belt, look for styles with bold colors and substantial size just like Jane’s. Adding a statement belt can take your basics to a new level.
Top: ALCSkirt: L’AgenceShoes: Tory BurchBracelet: Isharya
  5. allthingsjanebydesign:

There is jewelry and then there is JEWELRY. Jane’s huge rock necklace is a statement piece if we have ever seen one. Not only is this look bold, it is also fab that the rocks are real! We love the idea of using natural materials in accessories. The colors seem more vibrant, the weight is certainly heavier, and the look is more organic and pure. Keep an eye out for local designers in your area that use real elements.
Sweater: B.P.Bustier: Free PeopleSkirt: Shareen AgainShoes: Steve Madden
  6. allthingsjanebydesign:

We love a girl who can mix up her look. Some days are perfect for a dress and heels, and sometimes pants are just what the doctor ordered. Jane looks amazing in whatever she decides to wear and we love that you can’t really put her style in a box. We are huge supporters of continuing to evolve and update your style. Trying out new colors, fits, and trends is a great way to keep everyone guessing and it will keep you from becoming bored with your look. Reinvention is the best invention!
Top: Marc JacobsPants: Tory BurchShoes: Betsey Johnson
  7. allthingsjanebydesign:

Jane is a master at pairing separates. She mixes and matches colors, textures, fabrics, and styles flawlessly. We are inspired by her choices and we think this outfit is a great example for all of us to measure our efforts by. Are you mixing and matching in unexpected ways? If not, this summer is the perfect time to start. Get crazy and be confident in your choices. We look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!
Skirt: MasonShoes: Steve Madden
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